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Human capital belongs to the employees!

Human capital is a capital of every individual: his knowledge, his capabilities, his experience and his creativity.

Human capital can be invested into a company or an other organization and it can be used by them to create value, as long as it remains invested.

Human capital is not consumed. Its deployment creates even new human capital (new capabilities and experience) which will also be invested if the conditions are attractive enough.

The readiness to invest depends on the offer, an organization makes (and of which the salary is only a part).

Human capital belongs to the employees. For a company it is credit capital for which interests are charged.

Human capital generates a value creation potential for the enterprise.

The ability to realize this potential depends on the capability of the company to make good use of employee competences, experiences, and creativity. Most companies have enormous potential to optimise their capabilities!

Therefore Human Capital Management is an important part of corporate management!