Executive Education | HC Academy

Are you satisfied

  • With your enterprise performance?
  • With the capability of your management?
  • With the deployment of your employee‘s human capital?

Or do you presume unused potentials?

 The Human Captial Academy supports you, to unlock them:

  • develop the concept for your internal education programs, from Management Education to entire Coporate University - in line with your strategy
  • train at request your Management and your HR and impart the Human Capital Management concepts for the most important drivers of your enterprise performance.
  • We develop, together with you, the most effective enterprise specific implementations in cross hierarchical workshops

in order that your comprehensive experience can be used for the best solutions.

Three programs for your Excellence in Human Capital Management:

  1. The program for CEOs and their executives
  2. The program for your executives, their direct reports and their teams
  3. The program for HR-Executives and their teams