Developing the HR-Business | HC Academy

for HR-Executives and their teams…

The program analyses the value creation role of HR and suggests strategies and procedures for each of the main fields of HR business which will outperform mainstream HR solutions. The first module lays the funda­ment of value creating HR. The other five modules can be booked according to the professional needs after attending the first module.

The program modules:

  • Creating Real Value for HR-Customers (1 day)
  • Performance Management concepts that really work (1 day)
  • Total Talent Management for the development of all employees (1 day)
  • Building sustainable relations to the employees of HR-Customers (1 day)
  • how to successfully market HC-Management-Systems (1 day)
  • HR-Consulting the professional way (2 days)

… In order to turn HR-Competencies at a 100% into contribution